Who We Are


Established in 2017,  the 4-year-old company grew rapidly to become Qatar’s leading distribution company for gourmet food products.

How? thanks to a visionary and passionate team of experts in the food industry at large, and in the seafood sector, namely Sushi, specifically.

The team started off with innovative catering solutions created by top-notch chefs, offering Qatar’s retail outlets the highest quality sushi.

The team then went on sourcing the world’s finest food products to HoReCas, ranging from prime beef, to seafood and sushi, to food preparation products and a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as bakery and pastry selections.

Bluefin’s Innovative solutions proliferated to encompass 3 key sections:

  1. Bluefin Wholesale: Importing and distributing gourmet high-end food products to HoReCas and Supermarkets across the country.
  2. Bluefin Kitchen: Catering a wide selection of Sushi, Poke, Salads and sandwiches delivered to supermarkets and end consumers.
  3. Bluefin Grocery: displaying a vast variety of gourmet products from portioned meat, cheeses, bakery, condiments, pastries, desserts and many more, all delivered to consumers in no time.
Bluefin Trading prides itself on maintaining an excellent working relationship with the top HoReCas, supermarkets and catering companies in Qatar.